Welcome to The Beating Hearth

Where you can gain the skills and confidence you need to play Celtic music with others

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Does this describe you?

Do you wish you could play Celtic music but you just can’t master the skills or get the confidence you need to play with other people?

Do you find that it’s just too hard to keep putting in the practice you need to do? That you have great intentions, but you often get stuck in a rut or lose your drive?

Do you wonder if it is actually possible to one day play with a friend or in a session without stressing about messing up?

Why You Should Join Us

Members of the Beating Hearth end up playing with others all over: with their family and friends, at gigs, in recording studios, at open mics and of course, in sessions. 

Members gain the skills and confidence they need to achieve their goall of playing Celtic music with others through the content, accountability and in particular, the community that the Beating Hearth offers.

Members have access to:

  • courses
  • events
  • group coaching
  • one on one mentoring
  • discussion groups

Also, not only can you meet people online in the Beating Hearth, you can easily arrange to meet up in person if you want. You could start your own band here, make contact with a local session, or be asked to join in on a recording.

Really, it's all about meeting each other around the Hearth, making connections and making great music!